Restaurants on US Highway 395 in Nevada

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The Historic Genoa Bar & Saloon

Genoa Bar & Saloon

The Genoa Bar & Saloon, “Nevada’s Oldest Thirst Parlor” is the Oldest Saloon within the oldest permanent settlement within the present state of Nevada. Genoa was first established as a trading post in 1851. Out of sheer necessity a saloon came quickly thereafter. The year was 1853 and establishment was named “Livingston’s Exchange”. Since that […]


Red Dog Saloon

The Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City, Nevada is the original home of 60 style rock and roll with The Amazing Charlatans, Big Brother, Janis Joplin, Quick Silver, and Jefferson Airplane being just a few that played this stage. The Red Dog Saloon in Virginia City is also a great place for live music. Click […]

Pietro’s Famiglia Ristorante Italiano, Sparks

Pietro’s Famiglia Ristorante Italiano

Upstairs in what was once a railroader hotel, this pleasing restaurant is unique in having a romantic crooner, Richie Ballerini, performing Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. Located on Victoria Avenue in Sparks, Pietro’s Famiglia Ristorante Italiano offers delicious Italian cuisine in a romantic and inviting environment. Enjoy a delectable meal prepared by Pietro himself while […]

Cafe Del Rio - Virginia City Nevada

Cafe Del Rio

A visionary “Out West” menu is enhanced by local favorites (hints: gospel chicken; apricot-ancho chili cheesecake) to attract a clientele from surrounding urbs and demi-urbs as well as locals from the Comstock. The historic building adds to the experience. Capsule review: friendly, innovative and delicious.

Campo Reno

Campo Reno

“Campo,” loosely translated, means gathering spot or meeting place. Campo is a neighborhood restaurant.  We treat others as we wish to be treated.  We have respect for our products, our people, our guests and our community. A desire to bring people together. Enter, Campo, a place for people who love food and want a beautiful, […]


Pony Express Deli

Pony Express Deli of Eureka, NV offers breakfast & lunch Monday-Saturday. They specialize in breakfast burritos & cold cut subs and philly cheese steaks This plain but pleasant cafe a block west of US 50 at the uphill end of town is operated by a Mennonite family, and is truly home cooking. Everything fresh, everything good. […]

LA Bakery Breakfast & Brunch restaurant Carson City Nevada

LA Bakery

LA Bakery is a Delightfully Cosmopolitan Breakfast and Brunch Restaurant in Carson City. Daily specials and homemade soups as well as a complete selection of specialty pastries, pies, cakes — and if you are really looking for happiness, cups made of milk chocolate filled with chocolate mousse are almost always in the glass case of delight.

Frites, Z Bistro, Carson City Nevada

Z Bistro

Heartfelt French cooking by a master chef, who presides over his small kitchen the way Benny Goodman led his sextet. Each plate that emerges from the kitchen is a jazzy riff, with aromatic melodies and visual harmonies delivered with each plate. It’s music that comes in through the nose. A glass of Cote de Rhone is a suitable […]

Cracker Box Cafe, Carson City Nevada

Cracker Box

This is one of Nevada’s most beloved breakfast cafes — and lunch is terrific too. This is what we used to describe as Truck Driver food: hearty, homey and huge. The omelettes are renowned, but everything on the menu is somebody’s favorite, from key lime pie flapjacks to Eggs Florentine.

Cafe at Adele's - Fine Dining, Carson City

Cafe At Adele’s

Master Chef Charlie Abowd Cafe at Adele’s is the local community’s first choice for celebrating special moments and a haven for Nevada’s movers and shakers during each Legislative Session. Whether it’s a lovely beginning to the day with breakfast, a gathering of friends at lunch or an evening of romance for dinner, Cafe at Adele’s […]

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