Restaurants on US Highway 95 in Nevada

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S'SoccorroS Burger Hut, Mina Nevada

S’Soccoro’s Burger Hut

When she stopped cooking at the whorehouse up the road, Soccorro opened this roadside stand where you can get burgers and fries and the best chocolate malt of your life. It’s painted bright red, so you can’t miss it. It should have hearts paint all over it. Don’t pass this one by.


Supermercado Chapala

This Mexican grocery is a treat for the eyes, with Piñatas hanging from the ceiling and the meat case like a jeweler’s display, and way in the back is the tiny (four table) restaurant serving the finest food on the planet (hint: the burritos, but every choice on the menu is a good one.

Honey Salt Restaurant, Las Vegas Nevada

Honey and Salt

Inspired by the countless meals we have shared in our own home with friends over the years, Honey Salt is a restaurant devoted to family, friends and community. We are committed to fresh and innovative food and memorable times for our neighbors, near and far. Our farm-to-table inspired menu balances the reality of living in […]

The Martin Hotel Dining Room, Winnemucca Nevada

The Martin Hotel

Established in 1898, and listed on the National Register of Historic Places, The Martin’s dining rooms served heavy passenger and commercial traffic generated by the adjacent Southern Pacific Railroad. As a rooming house it was once a favorite place for area cattle ranchers and sheep men to stay on their infrequent trips to town. The […]

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