Goldfield Hotel
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Goldfield Hotel

69-79 Columbia Ave, Goldfield, NV 89013

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George Wingfield owned the hotel, and it is said that when Goldfield's glory days were over he had a portfolio of photographs taken to show the building's luxurious touches to their best advantage. They were sent east, where they persuaded New York bankers to mortgage the property for a considerable sum — $100,000 by one report. He immediately abandoned the place to them, and it passed through several hands, each time at a considerable loss. By the 1930s, as the story goes, the hotel's newest owner tried to sell it back to him at the bargain price of $50,000, using the same set of photographs. Wingfield turned it down.

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By 1910 the Goldfield mines were in decline, but at its peak of prosperity Goldfield was an eccentric combination of wild western boomtown, and decorous, respectable city. There were miners and prospectors and saloon roughs, plenty of them, but there were also stenographers and telephone operators, shoe-shine boys and stock brokers. Goldfield was the largest city in Nevada and the Goldfield Hotel was the most opulent stopping place between Kansas City and the Pacific Coast.

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