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Unknown Grave, Dayton NevadaGold was discovered in Dayton in 1849, leading eventually to much richer discoveries up Gold Canyon. Dayton was an important mill town during the early years of the Comstock Lode, a quiet ranching center since then.
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    Js Bistro, Dayton Nevada
    HERE IS EARLY 21ST century Nevada in microcosm, with new curbs and gutters running past tumble-down shanties and swaybacked cottages, and a four-lane highway slicing around the old stone and brick downtown, now populated with upscale restaurants. There is a traffic light in Dayton now, and companies escaping the costs and confinements of California have built modern factories out past the new schools and new burbs on Dayton Valley Road. There's even an airport and golf course, and on the far eastern side of town a supermarket surrounded by fastfood cafes — and a Starbucks!
    Only a few years ago the golf course and subdivisions were ranch land, and Dayton's primary attraction to visitors was the glimpse it gave of the old Nevada. Now it is worth a visit because it gives a clear view of the old Nevada giving way to the new.

    Travel Nevada, Nevada Magazine
    Dayton grew up around the Pony Express station and prospered as a milling center during the early years of development of the Comstock Lode. Its most celebrated citizen in the early days was a former San Francisco storekeeper, Adolph Sutro, who operated a small stamp mill here in 1860, and who conceived the plan for draining the water from the deep Comstock mines. Dayton achieved its present configuration by the middle 1860s, after which Comstock milling was done at more convenient places. Two municipal events stand out in the years since the mills closed, both of them taking place at the Odeon Hall on Pike Street. The first was in 1879, after the completion of the Sutra Tunnel, when ex-President Grant addressed a crowd of local citizens from the balcony. The second was in 1960 when John Huston, Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Arthur Miller, Montgomery Clift, Thelma Ritter and Eli Wallach came to town to film "The Misfits." Marilyn Monroe's paddle-ball performance at the Odeon marks the high point of the 20th century in Dayton so far.

    The drowsy charm of Dayton's downtown is enhanced by its attractive setting between the Carson River and the foothills of the Virginia range. The Odeon Hall is still one of Dayton's most impressive landmarks; across the street and up the block, J's Bistro occupies another historic stone building, originally a mercantile store, which served for a generation as Wheels' Garage. A block up the street, the Gold Canyon Restaurant at the back of the ancient Wild Horse Saloon serves lunches and dinners. The Roadrunner Cafe serves traditional diner fare of considerable variety and is a local Sunday morning favorite. Several small casinos on the east side offer coffee shop cuisine.

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